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Better scrutiny leads to reduced corruption and stronger democracies in all society’s institutions, including government, corporations and other organizations.



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    December 2015 Fowke: administration disaster

City progress hindered by incompetent interim CAO Fowke
Bigger failed to honour mandate given by taxpayers   

Human Resources configuration ineffective, incompetent, and costly

    November 2015

Johnston's integrity Saga and Watergate scandal 
City's bureaucrats' attempt to keep the Watergate scandal in secret under Johnston's watch failed

Order MA 3258 against the City - Read here

Ontario Privacy Commissioner ordered the release of over 9,000 pages of documents related to the Watergate scandal
Benkovich may face fraud charges

Does Authoritarianism Breed Corruption? Reconsidering the Relationship Between Authoritarian Governance and Corrupt Exchanges in Bureaucracies

    October 2015 Private Prosecutions: A legal Right, or an Untouchable Mirage?

Sudbury court decision challenged. Appeal heard in Toronto October 28
Civil action against Sudbury Police Services and  Const. Labreche ready to file
    September 2015 Bigger rides the merry-go-round...failing to keep his promises to taxpayers

Water department running on deficit
Incompetent Benkovich still on the job eating up tax dollars

Corruption drives the emergence of civil society

    August 2015 Human Resources: Denial, Cover up and gross incompetence

Bigger already doomed. Gravy train continually running through City hall.
Legal fees scam continues. Fowke and Canapini behind the scheme

Human resources management : Organizational and worker performance

    July 2015 Nadorozny:  Waking up to the price of corruption

Nadorozny's employment contract leaked
Departure cost taxpayers about $ 362,517
.00. Fowke brokered the deal

(see Nadorozny's employment contract)

Severance pay vs. procedural inconvenience

    June 2015 City has become a serial privacy abuser
Class action lawsuit looming against the City

Hundreds of City privacy violations go unreported
Personal information of the Sudbury Citizens held by the City in jeopardy 

Court found that the employer intrusion of the employee's documents was wrongful

    May 2015
Sudbury police violated 
Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Nobody likes doing dirty laundry
MacDonald threatens for legal action after being exposed as being under the city bureaucrats' payroll
MacDonald's e-mail leaked

Human Resources: Cover-up, denial and gross incompetence
Allegations against Fowke surfaced  

Fowke: Human Resources Disaster , Must step-down  

Change, Change, and More Change
HR activities appear be and often are disconnected from the real work of an organization

    April 2015 Water-gate
Emergency water main break repair scandal deepens

Nepotism: Bureaucrats disorder 
Documents leaked from Human Resources division
Khoraych behind Sudbury legal fees scam: Report
Benkovich and Fowke also behind the scheme

Funding the Cause: How Public Interest Law Organizations Fund their Activities and why it Matters for Social Change  
     March 2015 Matichuk : Yours to discover
Lead balloon: Be afraid... Be very afraid
Lady in Red
Emptying of glass vase cost taxpayers a total of $74.06

Gaining and Losing Interest in Running for Public Office: The Concept of Dynamic Political Ambition
    February 2015 Canapini: Bad legal advise

Human Resources: Kangaroo court - Denial, cover-up and gross incompetence
Fowke incompetent in managing Human Resources division: Baronette report revealed

Corruption and Bureaucracy in Public Services
    January 2015 Conspiracy defeated:  Ontario Ombudsman Back in Sudbury

Crisis Ahead: Benkovich continually misleads taxpayers 
Beware: Benkovich, the wounded animal
Dog and Pony show: Benkovich’s bid to raise Water and Wastewater bill, defeated

Corruption in delegated public procurement auctions



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