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Better scrutiny leads to reduced corruption and stronger democracies in all society’s institutions, including government, corporations and other organizations.



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    December 2014 Massive fraud found in department of Leisure services
Skating revenue gone missing from community arenas  

City Solicitor Canapini reimbursed $ 19,160.58 from tax dollars from 2010 - 2012
Sense of entitlement questioned

Rate Your Mayor: Politician personality, Machiavellianism, and political skill as predictors of performance ratings in political roles
     November 2014 Allegations pouring in
Benkovich facing new allegations of violating human rights
Labour and employment legal fees on the rise

People’s Right to Elect and Protect their Mayor
Paid News vs. Public Perception

From command and control to self-confidence in government: Meeting challenges
    October 2014 Brian Bigger made history, outrunning his opponents with a stunning victory
Bigger earned 46.32% popular votes
“Openness, transparency and accountability”

"Botched Analysis"
MacDonald’s interpretation of polling results statistically flaws

Bigger Leading Mayoral race
Final results will be within the range of 32.5 % - 39.7% of popular votes

Who could Topple TDS Dynasty?
Open and Transparent Municipal Government
Municipal Election Forcing New Politics of Sudbury Identity

Political communication: Negativism - A Meta-Analytic Assessment
    September 2014 Exposed:  Northern Life editor, Mark Gentili’s “bully” explanation is factually flawed
Credibility of “paid news” is questionable
Northern Life Editor Mark Gentili’s editorial maintains secrecy of the bureaucratic agenda at City hall
Credibility of “paid news” questioned once again
Crown dropped fraud charges: Conspiracy exposed
City did not submit Original copy of the false affidavit to the Court

Dark side of Nodorozny’s Sorry Saga
Transit Ticket Scandal: Privacy Commissioner’s office ordered to release KPMG external audit report
(IPC Order # MO-3056)

Bully vs. theory with the actions of two e-bandits, Anonymous and WikiLeaks
    August 2014 Auditor General Axed, Internal Audits suspended: Integrity in question

“Northern Life” City Hall reporter Darren MacDonald in City bureaucrats’ payroll: Report
Journalism Sold - Credibility of ‘Paid News’ questioned

Fowke and Benkovich’s sinister attempt to keep public in the dark thawed
Benkovich’s new work assignment is “Controversial” - Tribunal

Does Exposing Corrupt Politicians Reduce Corruption?
    July 2014 City in crisis: Systemic problem at City hall
The politics of ‘entitlement’: Eating well on taxpayers’ dime…

Enforcement and Public Corruption: Evidence from the American States
    June 2014 Ontario Human Rights Tribunal makes landmark ruling
Vexatious litigant request denied
Benkovich and Fowke locked down
4 years of lengthy Human Rights battle, finally ends  
Benkovich and Fowke accepted defeat  

Dupuis golfing on taxpayers’ account
Mayoral candidate’s spending scandal … New allegations surfaced…

Testing the Political Replacement Effect: A Panel Data Analysis

    May 2014 Matichuk’s Global Office spending under scrutiny
Speech writing expense controversy…Tax payers dodged thousands of dollars

Prevention: An Effective Tool to Reduce Corruption
    April 2014 Taxpayers dodged a serious stompin’ at Matichuk’s global office
Matichuk’s wine and dine on taxpayers’ expense…Glass of Orange juice cost $14.00

Municipal Government corruption Prevention: The actions are sufficient?
    March 2014 Matichuk’s Global Office: Spending under scrutiny
Global Office Budget: Matichuk’s Adviser Saga
Advice received from the mayor’s campaign manager cost tax payers more than

Corruption as Injustice
    February 2014 Human Resources: Denial, Cover-up and gross incompetence  
City’s witness is unreliable: Coordinator of Human Resources
Fowke’s Internal investigations under the "workplace violence and harassment prevention policy" are factually and legally flawed

Questioning the acceptability of the Cognitive Interview  
    January 2014 Lack of Accountability: "Gravy train" all over again
City hired private lawyer to cover-up for their assistant solicitor, Kristen Newman
City’s "cover-up" lawyer Khoraych, had her request denied in the Toronto case

Human rights and the culture wars: Globalization and the universality of human rights



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