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Better scrutiny leads to reduced corruption and stronger democracies in all society’s institutions, including government, corporations and other organizations.



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    December 2013 Incompetence: Tax dollars flows down the drain
Benkovich doubles down...Incompetence exposed
Enough's enough, Its time to quit

A disentangling of corruption and related concepts
    November 2013 Authoritarianism: City in crisis
Another conspiracy by City’s bureaucrats exposed
City did not submit original of fake affidavit to the court

Moral Disengagement in Processes of Organizational Corruption  

    October 2013 Lack of Accountability: Tax Dollars at Waste
City’s labour and employment legal expenses on the rise
Incompetence of top bureaucrat in the human resources division exposed

Prevention, Detection, and Correction of Corruption in Local Government: A Presentation of Potential Models

    September 2013 Tragedy: Trouble in the tap further deepens
City's water and wastewater divisional director, Benkovich is facing allegations of sexual harassment
Ontario Human Rights Tribunal reopened the file

Labour Arbitration: Sexual Harassment Cases in Canada
     August 2013 Corruption: Inside and Out
Transit Ticket Scandal: Nadorozny’s Sorry Saga
CAO Nadorozny, City Solicitor Canapini and Director Human Resources, Fowke should step down

Bypassing public procurement regulation: A study of rationality in local decision making

    July 2013 Accountability: Failing to achieve
City hired a lawyer from Toronto to defend the director of water and wastewater
Tax payers pay $6,000 legal fees… Toronto legal firm makes a fortune 

Citizen journalism and the transformation of news: Transparency and accountability in Canadian media policy

    June 2013 Institutional Dysfunction: Loss of productivity and public trust
City’s Director of Human Resources Kevin Fowke turns a blind eye
Violation of collective bargaining rights cost $ 321,112.77 for tax payers   

Law, industrial relations and the state: pluralism or fragmentation? The twentieth-century employment law regime in Canada

     May 2013 Institutional Policy: Advocates for greater equality and democracy
City's water plant supervisors not perform cleaning duties -Tribunal
Employees unfairly treated
Human Rights battle continue

The Public Policy Pedagogy of Corporate and Alternative News Media

     April 2013 Social Justice: Protecting rights and against corruption
City Spent $ 86,142.00 tax dollars to defend the misconduct of bureaucrats’ in Human Rights legal proceedings from 2009 to 2012.
Negligence and incompetence of top bureaucrat in human resources department challenged

Corporations and Human Rights: A Theory of Legal Responsibility

    March 2013 Hypocrisy: Power, authority and corruption
City Clerk Hallsworth reimbursed $ 593.25 legal expenses from tax dollars
Echo of bad legal advice

Liability of the Lawyer for Bad Legal Advice

     February 2013
Issue: Institutional failure. Who to blame?

Toronto based legal firm received $ 717,123.22 pay cheque
Disbursements also includes airfairs and hotel charges

Sarbanes-Oxley’s Structural Model to Encourage Corporate Whistleblowers


January 2013

Double Crisis in City’s Water and Wastewater Division
Divisional director facing allegations of human rights violations and abuse of power
Large amount of tax dollars wasted for legal fees to cover divisional director’s misconduct

Employment Laws and the Public Sector Employer: Lessons to Be Learned from a Review of Lawsuits Filed against Local Governments




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