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Better scrutiny leads to reduced corruption and stronger democracies in all society’s institutions, including government, corporations and other organizations.



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December 2012

The city’s top bureaucrat had targeted Sudbury post secondary students to be a source of new parking revenues
The city council had approved by-law 2002: 251A in order to obtain this new revenue source

Waste in the Sewer: The Collapse of Accountability and Transparency in Public Finance in Jefferson County, Alabama  


November 2012

City’s Labour and Employment Legal Expenses Continually Soar
2011 outside legal counsel expenses paid to the one single firm reached $ 681,682.27

Blame Avoidance in Public Reporting: Evidence from a Provincially Mandated Municipal Performance Measurement Regime


October 2012

An outrageous spending practice found for Labour and Employment matters
Uncovered 196 transactions belonging to 23 accounts

Agenda Setting, Policy Learning, Organizational Legacies, Path Dependency, and Beyond


September 2012

Director, Water Wastewater Services, City of Greater Sudbury (corporation) reimbursed $ 36,120.93 as expenses from tax dollars 

Supervisor 111, Water Plants, City of Greater Sudbury (corporation), claimed $ 8,505.69 as expenses from tax dollars

Supervisor 11 Water Plant (Wanapitei), City of Greater Sudbury claimed $ 2,239.48 as expenses from tax dollars.


August 2012

Director, Human Resources and Organizational Development of City of Greater Sudbury claimed expenses from tax dollars of $8,232.46  in addition to his salary and benefits at the end of 2011. 


Cause for optimism in battling corruption: Corrupt, repressive and stupid



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