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Released on September 07, 2018 at 16:00 EDT

Bigger: Corrupt or Bankrupt ? 

As City hall scandals exposed, Bigger’s approval rating dropped to a single digit 9%



Fowke led corrupt bureaucrats scamming tax dollars
Privacy commissioner to investigate City hall legal expenses complaint

Fowke:  Incompetent and negligence

WikiLeaks Sudbury has uncovered that a large number of tax dollars has been spent to cover-up incompetent of City bureaucrats. Ken Fowke, General Manager Corporate services, and Eric Lablle, City Solicitor were involved with this scandal. Fowke and Labelle were generous to arrange millions of dollars worth retainers with legal firms and benefitted from the kick back and pocketed thousands of tax dollars. WikiLeaks Sudbury follows all leads available to uncover and obtain full access to the records, specifically tax dollars paid for labour and employment matters.

Kosnik doing dirty laundry

Kosnik: Mouth piece against public trust

Recently added, the Manger to the corrupt regime, Kosnik is assigned to protect City’s mafia group and act as a mouthpiece for the same group.   

Bigger’s willful blindness and political corruptness is a main and leading factor for the waste of tax dollars. City’s bureaucrats are now taking every effort to hide unnecessary legal expenses paid for labour and employment matters. WikiLeaks Sudbury legal team allocates all available resources to defeat the conspiracy against Sudbury taxpayers plotted by Fowke and Lablle leads mafia at the City hall.  

Since before he was elected mayor, Brian Bigger has operated in the belief that he can control his narrative through sheer force of will — and words. Day after day, he floods the airwaves with messages — ad-libbed speeches, off the cuff remarks — whose effect is to keep Sudbury’s attention squarely on him. Read More

Leaked Documents
Privacy Commissioner's office mediator report


Last 5 Leaks:

Released on June 15, 2018 22:12 EDT
Tag # 703

Fowke paid over $100,000 as legal fees to Toronto lawyer for matter related to labour and employment. 
Fowke back pocketed thousand of tax dollars.
Karen Matthies’s statement leaked.

Fowke: Incompetent and negligence

The leaked documents from the human resources division revealed that Fowke paid over $100,000.00 as legal fees to one of the labour and employment matters. Karen Matthies, a former Human Resources coordinator, provided this information to the Greater Sudbury Police services. According to the report, resolution to the dispute cost only $20.00. The taxpayers were scammed by Fowke and legal services division to spend over $100,000 and back pocketed thousand of tax dollars. Read more

Released on May 07, 2018 00:12 EDT
Tag # 702

Fowke’s puppet show: Waste of Tax dollars and corruption

Fowke: Incompetent and negligence

Fired: Benkovich is no more. Water gate scandal unfolding.  

Benkovich: Corrupt practices

Man who wasted thousands of tax dollars finally has gone from the City hall . He tried many times and took any possible chances to extend his contract. However, all of his attempts were unsuccessful. Benkovich has become a symbol of incompetence and waste of tax dollars. He contracted out water and wastewater emergency maintenance service and scammed millions of tax dollars. Initially, the contract was awarded for only $200,000.00, later on it was  increased to over $ 1.5 million. However, Benkovich made  sure to reimburse over $60,000 for his additional expenses from tax dollars. Stay tuned more information to follow.

Incompetent Fowke and Nepotism

Benkovich’s corrupt practices are not limited to extending underhand contract deals. In order to give  his son-in-law a post in the system, Benkovich fired one of the employees from Whanapitate Water plant. Under Fowke’s watch, Benkovich hired his son-in-law to fill the vacancy within 24 hours. Former director of human resources division, Kevin Fowke, now is City’s General Manager, failed to control these corrupt practices. Sudbury tax payers were doomed and their sons and daughters were not able to reach out any job opportunity in the City hall. Fowke created a family business in City hall and now infiltrated into the Bigger administration. His corrupt practices continue.

Millions of dollars for Labour and employment external legal fees

Fowke is generous to give away millions of tax dollars as legal fees for labor and employment services.  Fowke’s department paid Sudbury based legal firm over 9 million dollars and Toronto based legal firm another over million dollars. Under his watch, labour and employment legal cost was sky rocketed. Large amount of tax dollars wasted. Every year, City has owned legal services department consumed over 1.5 million tax dollars which consists of expenses for lawyers and support staff. Read More



Released on April 17, 2017
Tag # 700

Fired: Canapini, no longer with the City

Canapini: Bad Legal advice

The man behind the spending of millions of tax dollars for external legal fees and the conspiracy to fire Ontario’s ombudsman is finally gone. According to the Law Society of Upper Canada, Canapini is no longer practicing law in Ontario.

Canapini is facing allegations of creating a false affidavit in an attempt to prevent access to the freedom of information request. That freedom of information request is directly related to water and wastewater’s division, one of their service contracts. An invoice was emailed to the director of the division Nick Benkovich. Benkovich was generous enough to pay the contractor $ 5600/h, costing the taxpayers.  

Conspiracy deepened: Bad legal advice
Sudbury’s city council opted out the oversight service offered by the Ontario ombudsman. Former Ontario ombudsman Andre Marin publicly condemned Canapini’s involvement and said that Canapini had given "bad legal advice." Read More

Released on May 10, 2016 at 10:00 EDT
Tag # 687

Exposed: Fowke's conspiracy against Bigger administration
Fowke should be thrown in jail for wilful blindness and wasting millions of tax dollars
Fowke must be held accountable for the contract negotiations and the labour relations mess in the fire services division, which 
cost taxpayers over $ 800,000

The city's embattled, incompetent Human Resources Director - Kevin Fowke, has failed in his back door attempt to conquer the CAO office. Soon after former CAO Doug Nadorozny was fired and escorted out from the City hall, Fowke was appointed interim CAO. Controversially, Bob Johnston, from the Sudbury Airport Authority, was then selected as a preferred candidate for the job.

Behind the scenes, while Johnston tried to settle in at the City hall, Fowke led corrupt bureaucrats in attempts to regain their authority. Fowke utilized his old tactics and underhand connections with other bureaucrats to discredit Johnston. During the P6M project process, Bob Johnston was misguided by Fowke and was provided information concerning labour relations issues such as excessive overtime and absenteeism in the fire services division. Fowke forced Johnston to address these issues parallel to the P6M project. Addressing the labour relations issues with P6M defeated the purpose of the project. This controversial action triggered a very unsettling situation with the Bigger administration. Johnston failed to follow instructions from the Mayor and council by directly addressing these issues before the council meeting. Read more